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King's Public Conduct [Was Re: Awards and all that...]

Poster: AEdric the Grene <AEdric@mindspring.com>

Logan & Arielle wrote:

> (acting only as Logan, so I don't want to hear about "how the King
> should not comment in a public forum because that is just wrong and
> could make people think a certain way about something without really
> looking into for themselves"  i.e. those of you (very few) who have sent
> Me messages like that....... please don't)

I wish I could believe you were kidding, but obviously you are not.  I admit the
King's opinion could really have some people believe something without really looking
into, but only if they're suck-ups or can't understand the station of King is not
considered equivalent to the Pope in unflawed inaccuracy  (Heck, the Pope hasn't even
spoken Ex Cathedra since the 1890's according to a Catholic friend of mine).  I would
imagine that any who are not suck-ups who take the King's personal opinion as gold are
just not good critical thinkers in the first place and will find someone else to be
influenced by, if not the King.

I could be wrong, but then again, I don't think I am  (see .sig below)....

AEdric the Grene

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