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Knights What's Required

Poster: terry_buyers@catbox.win.net (Terry Buyers)

U(>Poster: Elizabeth Howe <unknown@dpnet.net>

U(>This is distressing because I wonder why you feel that new Knights 
U(>do better than you did when you were Knighted.  I say this because 
U(>assume that you have continued to get better.

Early improvement in ability is fairly rapid. After you reach a certain level,
it takes quite a while to 'advance'. In a bout between two of the same level,
the outcome can frequently be a matter of who picked up the newest trick last,
or who makes a mistake first that the opponent can take advantage of. 

Jet Fighter Jock Saying: "He who lights up first gets smoked."

A lot of the technique of a skilled fighter is causing/recognizing when your
opponent has made an error that leaves an opening, then taking advantage of
that opening. Since this isn't 'for real' fighting, lapses of concentration
(stupid mistakes) are more common than a non-fighter might realize. Thus on
any given day, any skilled fighter can probably beat any other skilled
fighter, knight or not. Then again, a newbie can occasionally blow you out of
your buskins by doing something completely off the wall, that a more practiced
fighter would never think of doing. Leaves you standing there going, "What in
the heck was that?".

But the bottom line is, an up and coming belt will be better than 30% success
rate against other belts - and approaching 45% ratio. An average knight would
run 50% against other average knights - on the average...   8-)    Those with
youth and unusual skill and athletic ability to their advantage (like Sir
Logan) skew the average the opposite way of those slow, old farts like myself
(The older I get, the better I was.   8-)   ).


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