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Re: weather for Coronation

Poster: "Rowanwald Central" <rownwald@gte.net>

> Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>
> Anybody got an idea about what the weather is going to be like this
> at Coronation?
> Rhiannon

Having just watched the local weather channel, I can catagorically state:
we don't know. Because of the speed at which the front is moving through
our local area, we've gone from "partly cloudy, temps 45-65" to "partly
cloudy w/possible thunderstorms, temps 35-55" in just 24 hours of the
forcast. What we've found to be typical is a forecast of possible
rainshowers, which rarely materialize thanks to the geographic location...
the large bodies of water that surround the dry land here usually cause
changes in the very-local area, which are not reflected in the National
forecast maps.

In other words - I doubt that we'll see more than a slight drizzle or a
spat of rain... but that's based on previous experience - not weathermen.

(Baroness of Marinus)
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