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Re: A response to Their Maj. Letter in the Acorn

Poster: Sherry Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>

Gentle Lord,

I believe you have mistaken the intent of TRM's letter.  Apparently you
feel that it read, "Poor us, pity us, that we have all the obligations of a
reign and a child to take care of too!"

My take on it was quite different.  I saw, "I'm sorry that we could not
both be at court.  We had another obligation and so we had to split our
forces in order to meet them both.  We will try not to do this, but if it
becomes necessary we will do our best to see that everyone's needs are
met."  I think this kind of apology and explanation is both courteous and

SCA for each of us is a balancing between the needs of the SCA and the
requirements of our modern lives.  Would you have felt differently had one
of TRM had to work unexpectedly that weekend?  If there had been a death in
the family?  If one or both had been sick in bed or in the hospital?

Would those have been indicators that TRM "couldn't handle the job"?  Any
one of them can crop up as suddenly and unexpectedly as a child who needs
the comfort of a parent.  Children are entitled to have their needs met
with the same courtesy and chivalry as anyone else in our Society.

I believe your letter does our entire Royal family a grave disservice.

In service to the SCA, Atlantia, and my children,
Lady Kat

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