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The Responsible Position taken by TRM

Poster: Megan Burnham <lmegan@bellsouth.net>

Dear Gentles...

	I have been in the SCA for 15 years, but new to the kingdom of Atlantia, and am 
truely appalled by the sentiments expressed by the gentle regarding TRM's concern for 
their child.  I am from the East.  We had a certain Knight fight and win Crown Tourney 
repeatedly.  This gentle sat the thrown the first 2 times with his lady wife, and the 
last 2 times with others, and their son was left confused, and in my humble oppinion,  
neglected by his parents.  When the child was asked at school what his daddy did for a 
job, his response was that "My daddy is the King"!! This was told to me as a joke by one 
of his retainers, but it is true, as the child's father confirmed it to me. 		

	I commend TRM's upright, open, CARING statements.  Yes, caring.  They care 
enough about ALL OF US to tell us that they can't always both attend, and WHY.  How many 
of us have had to give up things for our families?  And will again?  I have no family in 
this kingdom, but I will be giving up events to be there for my "adoptive" family here 
in Atlantia.  If they hadn't, how many nasty, narrow minded folk would have started 
silly, whispers and hurt TRM???  

In Service to the Dream

Lady Megan Buchanan of the Clan Campbell and Clann O'Choda
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