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Re: A response to Their Maj. Letter in the Acorn

Poster: "Erica Stark" <ejstark@hotmail.com>

stephancm@juno.com wrote:
>If you can't handle the job.  Don't fight for the crown.

I thought their majesties letter explaining their circumstances was a 
good idea.  It did not say his majesty would not be at most courts, only 
that he might not be at all courts, and gave the reason.  

A different royal might not feel the need to explain the demands of 
parenting, but the SCA has been around for a long time in this area, and 
there are old -personality differences-, including some which predate 
the existence of Atlantia (I wasn't here at the time, so I don't have an 
opinion on them).  

I remember an Atlantian court at Pennsic where Michael showed up late 
wearing his ducal coronet rather than the crown of Atlantia. I assumed 
there had been some problem with the crown, but the person next to me 
was irritated, and felt there had been a deliberate insult to the 
populace.  I was surprised, as that particular person is not usually 
inclined to be catty.

I guess part of my point is that someone else might be given more of a 
benefit of the doubt by some, and  a less ...shrill... defense by 
others.  My other point would be that dialog, and explanations, are Good 

Erica Poitevins

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