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Re: Lord Stephan

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

I am all astonishment.  I had hoped I would reach the end of these
needlessly vitriolic posts, but apparently we seem to require more of
it.  Are there no bear-baiting pits?  Is there no theatre?  Are there no
dog races or cock-fights these Gentles may attend?  Prithee, give this
tirade a rest!  Is there nothing light-hearted and fun we may discourse
upon?  I'faith, if this is the daily fare, whence the point of this

> Greetings to all from Lady Adrianna Broussard who is not only standing on a
> soap box but has sleeves rolled up and is ready to fight!
> Lord Stephan,
>                     How dare you assume you understand the role of our
> Monarchs!!  It seems to me sir, that you are not only endlessly rude; but a
> coward as well...  if you feel that TRM are not "doing the job" then perhaps
> you should get out from behind your keyboard and address them privately to
> discuss your perspective.  In a society based on honor and chivalry it is
> inconceivable of you to viciously attack our Monarchs via a posting on this
> forum.  I can only assume that you blindly make such comments because you are
> afraid to travel to meet your Monarchs?  By the way, have you even considered
> what sitting through court with a screaming 5 year old child would be like.
> No, I doubt you have.  I believe you must be a small minded man who sits by in
> judgement of others.  How does that feel to know that you are being judged at
> this moment by many who you know as your peers?  It is my hope that my eyes
> never grace your presence sir, for this is as kind as I could bring myself to
> be.  And if there still were public floggings please know that I would want to
> watch---  today you have insulted not only the society and the kingdom but two
> of Atlantia's finest servants.  Vivat to their Royal Majesties for upholding
> their obligations to Atlantia and to Kaylun.
> I apologize in advance to any (other than Stephan) that I may have offended.
> I realize that this may seem harsh; however "an eye for and eye..." and all
> that.  I now step down from my box as well.
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