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Re: A new idea perhaps?

Poster: bellefleur@juno.com (Catherine W Raitt)


As others have said, 

>... these individuals were obviously noticed by Crown for their service
to their Barony, but find it odd that 2 out of 3 did not get Baronial
level awards.  
> To get a Kingdom award and not a Baronial award (ever) seems really

I believe that one possible explanation may be that once a person has
been given an award, the feeling is that a "lower" level award for a
similar activity would not mean very much.  This is not necessarily
true!!!   Awards do not need to be given in "ascending steps".  Many
times, the awards have a slightly different emphasis.  Besides, not
everyone lives in a Barony, even today.  

 I remember discussions in Pearl meetings about someone who received a
Laurel long before in another kingdom --- why would this person want to
be honored with a Pearl?  Why not???  Or in my own case - my Pearl is
from AS XVII.  Marinus was not a barony ( and did not become one for some
time after ).  When Olwen presented me with the Baronial A&S award at her
Last Court (this past September - AS XXXII), I was really surprised - and
honored.  Being recognized for what you enjoy doing gives you a good
feeling no matter what level it is.

In service to Marinus, Atlantia, and the Dream,

Baroness Catherine de Bellefleur,

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