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Awards and such

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>


I have a question that will help me in putting together the draft of the
recommendation form. Perhaps some formers Monarchs (that's you Logan) can
answer this best.

There are four Orders of Merit in Atlantia. These coupled with the AoA make
five awards for which people can send in letters of recommendation. My
question is, does the Crown entertain letters of recommendation for other
awards, such as Shark's Tooth, Yew Bow, Kraken, Silver Nautilus, QOC, KAE,
Herring, Sea Urchin, Undine? None of these are either polling orders (or
Orders at all except the QOC which is considered an Order in the sense that
one can only be inducted once), nor are they armigerous. Also, one can
receive any of these more than once (again, except for the QOC). This is
what is printed about the awards on the Atlantia web site. This information
was also printed in Tournaments Illuminated in Winter 1996. It is my
understanding, at this point, that these are just given out at the
discretion of the Monarchs. I ask this in order to know whether to include
these on the form. There's no sense in having people sending in letters
for, say an Undine, when it's given at the discretion of the Queen.

In service,

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