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shaking bad habits

Poster: jsrechts@imap.unc.edu

New years are good for bringing up habits to change.  One such habit is
the redundant use of titles.  For example, this week on the merry rose,
saw the use of Mistress Baroness and Duke Sir.  This sort of title
stacking is not
medieval and quite frankly, is really silly.  

The SCA is 33 years old now and we really should know better.  In
medieval writings
we don't see Earl Sir William Marshall as an Earl was much higher on the
social scale
than a knight.  You didn't have an earl without one being a knight -
sort of like
today in 99% of the cases, you don't have a peerage without a person
having an
AoA first.

So to give an example of practical usage.  Daffyd has a lot of titles
and if
he wishes to throw some weight around he would style himself like this:
Daffyd, Earl of Atlantia, Knight of the Society, Companion of the Order
of Laurel, Companion
of the Order of the  Pelican.  It's far more specific and sounds much
better than Earl Sir
Master Master.  

So, I say let encourage the title stacking to die a long deserved death.
If we
are going to use medieval titles, we might as well use them properly.  A
good start
is to stop title stacking.

And finally, as a CYA - Yeah, Pelicans and Laurel's aren't medieval but
you can
put them in the class as confraternities such as the Order of St.

Lady Lyanna :)

Oh - and Happy May Day!

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