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Marshal's announcement f

Poster: terry_buyers@catbox.win.net (Terry Buyers)

J(>I would like comments on the following question, How long should 
J(>allow someone to use their previous authorization card after they 
J(>into Atlantia from another kingdom?

Ummm.... forever? Why should an authorization card ever expire unless it is
revoked for cause? As I understand it, membership is required for insurance
reasons, so a lapsed membership should put authorization on 'hold' rather than
revoking it. 

As I understand fighter authorization, it is not a matter of how good you are,
but are you good enough to not be a hazard to yourself or others in typical
situations. This should not change unless there is a personality change. Dane
Brammage? 8-) Then again, I've seen some authorizations where the 'trained'
fighter went out of their way to show how little the newer fighter knew,
rather than letting them show just how much they did know.  

One who is good at the technical side, not also necessarily at the physical
side, and keeps up on the paperwork part becomes a marshal. This should
require regular renewal to ensure compliance with vagarities of the paper

One who is good at the physical side of fighting (and some other 'simple'
stuff) becomes a belted fighter. Is this then to be revoked due to age or
infirmity? Will all awards go away with a move or a lapse of membership?



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