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Re: Pay to Fight

Poster: nudity!vnend@uunet.uu.net (David W. James)

> >Now, I know this might be an isolated incident, but as I stated earlier,
> >this is my own experience and I am sure that others have not had this
> >problem. (or worse)  Seems to me that if a person  can play all the other
> >"games" that we play, without having a current membership, what makes
> >fighting so much different?  As was stated by an earlier post, all kinds of
> >hidden dangers lurk out there.  Now, please pass the mead!!!

> Insurance reasons if I remember correctly. Thats why people like me who are
> under 18 get get signed this pile of paper work.:) 
> Tristan ap Myrddin of Ellesmere ( I will decide eventually:)

	No, not insurance, as fighting is only a very small blip in that (and,
of your membership money, only about a dollar goes to pay insurance.)
The reason for insurance is, tada! events.  The insurance is needed for
any event, wether there is fighting or not (arguably the most dangerous
thing we do is feed each other for money...)

	As far as I have been able to learn, the only reason membership is
required to fight in Atlantia (and it is definately in the minority
among the kingdoms in requiring it) was because it made a past Kingdom
List Mistress's life easier.  Everything else appears to be
rationalization after the fact.

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