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Re: Pay to Fight

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Sven wrote: 
>> ... it seems to me that pay to
>>fight is not a fair way to allow people to fight.
>snip explanation of trouble getting gold authorization card<

Tristan the Undecided responded:
>Insurance reasons if I remember correctly. Thats why people like me who 
are under 18 get get signed this pile of paper work.:) 

Insurance is not the reason for paying for fighter cards.  The insurance 
premiums are paid for out of SCA funds from the national office.  They 
come from the membership money we pay to get our newsletters and be 
members of the SCA (Blue cards, etc.)

The $5 for fighter cards goes to the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Requiring membership in the SCA, Inc. to get a fighter card, and the 
money charged seperately to cover administrative costs, etc., to get a 
fighter card, are the province of each individual kingdom.  By-Laws, 
Corpora, and the Governing and Policy Decisions are silent on these 

By-Laws, Corpora, and the Governing and Policy Decisions do not require 
membership in order to fight.  These documents set no direction about 
*how* kingdoms go about paying for the authorization process.  It only 
says each fighter must be authorized and have a card.

SCA membership *is* required to fight in a Crown or Coronet List or to 
hold an SCA office.

The governing documents do state that if a person engaged in 
combat-related activities does not have a signed waiver on file (in 
other words, a Blue Card) then s/he must sign a waiver every time s/he 
engages in such activities.  This includes figher practice.


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