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Re: Crown List

Poster: Rutlands <Rutlands@aol.com>

In a message dated 98-05-03 22:19:58 EDT, you write:

<< Does anyone know why we have such small crown lists here in Atlantia
 with all the fighters we have here. I am told that the lists in the East
 for instance have over 100 fighters in it. Don't you think we should do
 something to get more people interested in fighting for the highest
 honor in the Kingdom! I just feel that 19 fighters for a crown list in a
 kingdom with one of the most powerful fighting forces at Pennsic is kind
 of small and kind of odd. Thank you for your help.
 In service to the crown.
    			Sean Seamus McDowell
 = >>
Fair my Lord,
     If one considers your first comparison,  then indeed the Crown list here
is small.  BUT!   I'm not a fighter, and don't keep track of the lists.  This
may be a low-blip-on-the-curve (although even I know that it's not an only
low-blip).  But I tend to think of the East as being older and having more
people. (I have NO information to support this...)  And then, statistics
aren't always right on.  You heard about the 3 statisticians who went bow-
hunting deer?  They saw a buck;  one fired and missed by 10 yards on the
right, one fired and missed by 10 yards on the left, and the third jumped up &
down, yelling, "We got it!  We got it!"  
     As for your second comparison,  would "being one of the most powerful
fighting forces at Pennsic", perchance, have anything to do with being one of
the NEAREST forces to Pennsic?   The Kingdom of the West had, maybe, twenty-
five people tops, there, last year, and not all of those were fighters.  But
that doesn't mean that they don't have as many fighters in their own kingdom
as we do... Just logistics... Not to mention that royalty is a duty;  PLEASE,
I don't want to open that flap again, but just think that of course more
people will want to fight where WINNING carries no one-year obligations.
     Enjoy the tuppence, don't spend it all in one place-- James of Rutland
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