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Re: Crown List

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>

Greeetings back at ya'!!

Terry L. Neill wrote:
> Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>
> 4. EVERYONE is expected to fight in Crown.  No big deal if you don't,
> but no expectation that only those who have a potential to win enter.
> 5. Its THE time to show off your best fighting to all the Chivalry.
> Regards!
>    - Anarra

I understand the reasoning behind this, but how many times have these
kingdoms had to deal with someone not being able to fulfill the reigns? 
How many times in Atlantia?

I don't have the real numbers, but I think it suffices to say there are
1 or more in at least one of those kingdoms, and others, and less than 1
in our own.(Unless there is significant Atlantian History that I have
missed.  Noble Kingdom Historian?)

I learned early on in my SCA life(16 years, now), that being King was an
incredible obligation, which probably outweighs its "cool thing" ratio
later in the reigns.(I'm not a count, I just prefer to learn from
others' mistakes)  I haven't ever fought in a Crown tourney because I
thought that I could not handle the job, not because I didn't want to
fight.  I feel that my family and professional life should be able to
handle the balance, as well as my finances.  These things are so wobbly
that a balance of them at the same time is near impossible for me.

Fighting for the Crown is an intent to serve the Kingdom.  By doing so,
you state that you can reach the balance between these two things and
take that job.  If you fight for the Crown and are not able to fulfill
its obligations, you place the good name of the Kingdom at risk, whether
you think you have a chance or not.(It's that whole "on any sunday"

I'd love to see how far I could go.  It's a test of your skill, and
ultimatley an outward sign at how you are doing overcoming yourself.  I
can't be King right now(not that odds are in my favor) because I can't
balance those three things, so I wouldn't fight and I might think less
of someone that wasn't able and did.

Now, if I could just find me a sugar-momma to be my queen.....

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