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raiding was (RE: Event Ideas)

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

The only problem I have with raiding ideas is how to keep
it from going too far which is essentially what happened at
Pennsic.  I think it could be fun but if you're going to put
raiding into the event (especially at nighttime) you must
find ways to very CLEARLY mark what's off limits!  It may
not be as big a deal at a weekend event as it was at Pennsic
but things did get a little out of hand at Pennsic.  
No matter how much you say "only the sheep!"  you must also
say "never any of X and those who are caught trying to take X
are automatically disqualified or some such threat.  If you
can maintain the rules I think it would be hilarious fun!

at play as the Devil's advocate again.

<snip for brevity>

The second is designed to involve everyone on site from children to
adults to pets in the event and to involve them with each other. It
would also possibly be a non-fighting event and the site would have to
be similar to the King's Mtn site in SC with a central hall and camp or
cabin sites set up in loops. It would be a sheep raiding event. Each
loop of gentles become a clan with badges and a flock of sheep which
they have to tend and protect (a guard dog leased next to the pen would
be a boon). The sheep would have a pen in the middle of the loop. Any
and all types of raiding are fair game (night raids, etc.) 
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