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War Practices and Assesment

Poster: "Jason & Shannon Smith" <srgiles@erols.com>

Unto all at the Merry Rose does Andrew Grey send warm summer time greetings!

I don't usually jump in on these things, but I do have a question regarding
the statement that this is the last time for His Majesty to asses and train
the army prior to Pennsic.  (My phrasing my be off, but I believe that is
the gist of the posts.)

This question is not rhetorical by any means.  As her Excellency Baroness
Isabel pointed out Black Diamond's Assessment Battles will be held in
mid-July.  Hasn't this event traditionally been held to allow Their
Majesties to asses the troops and train as needed? (I'm speaking of recent
history, the Tax Assessment of yore is another animal all together, for you
older BDers :^)

Thanks for your thoughtful considerations!

Andrew Grey

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