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Re: Family Motto Help

Poster: Erik & Karen Dutton <edutton@worldnet.att.net>

alison rhodes wrote:
> Poster: "alison rhodes" <arrow@hickory.net>
> Dear Fair Friends!
> Looking thought some papers after the resent death of my grandfather, we
> found a listing of our family motto that I haven't seen before. It was
> "Coelum non Animum"

Greetings! While I am certainly not a Latin scholar, here is some info
that might be helpful...

(coel-; see cael-.)

caelum (1) -i, n. the burin or engraving tool. 
caelum (2) -i, n. the heavens, sky, air, climate. Esp. heaven as the
home of the gods; fig., heaven as the height of joy, renown, etc. 

animo -are, (1) (anima), to animate, give life to. (2) (animus), to
endow with a particular disposition.  Hence partic. animatus -a -um. (1)
having life, alive. (2) having a disposition, inclined, disposed; esp.
having courage, spirited.

non (old forms noenum, noenu), not; 'non nihil', something; 'nihil non',
everything; 'non quod, non quo', not that, not because; 'non ita', not
very, not particularly; in questions = 'nonne?' q.v.; in com- mands =
'ne'; in answers, no. 

With this information in hand, I can still only speculate; the most
reasonable guesses I can make would be something like "not inclined to
heaven"? Maybe? As I said, I am not a scholar; I am just picking this
out of reference books.

Good luck!

In service,
Rhodri ap Hywel
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