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Re: Red tape comparisons:

Poster: Jeanette Gugler <jgugler@mindspring.com>

At 18:45 05/17/98 -0400, Phillip Jones <jonesj@FTC-I.NET> wrote:
>Sitting home with too much time on my hands, and not enough thyme to cook
>with, I decided to do an analysis of the two most recent Red Tapes. You
>might be interested in the differences between the two; I was surprised. I
>have outlined them for you all at http://www.triplette.com/redtape.htm
Yes, the results are definitely surprising.  You certainly have too much
time on your hands.  I await Falcone's analysis of your results.

Would you like a supply of thyme; as well as parsley, sage and rosemary?

Theodora von Schmetterlingswald		jgugler@mindspring.com
	Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill
Argent, a fess azure, ermined argent, 
between three pine trees couped sable and a butterfly azure.

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