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Atlantian Geography

Poster: Bob Minowicz <minowicz@nc.na.auspex.com>

Gentle readers,

I am looking for a good source of information about the geography of our
fair Kingdom.  Of particular interest are the borders of Atlantia
proper, its Baronies and Shires, and if appropriate, the borders of
smaller groups such as Cantons (or just locations if borders are not
appropriate).  I hope, either to find a suitable map, or to create one
from the information gleaned from this posting.  I would like to have a
map that is as accurate as possible, so there is no room for someone to
say, "This is all well and good, but you've drawn our border here, when
it is clearly over there."

Many thanks,
Stanislaw Kowalski (tentative name, forgive me if/when it changes)
Canton of Elvegast, Barony of Windmasters' Hill, Kingdom of Atlantia
m. k. a.  Bob Minowicz
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