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In Memory of John Lefcort

Poster: "Genie Powell" <genie@vt.edu>

John was a great man and a very good friend.  He was one of the most easy
going guys I've ever met.  I would call him an unconditional friend.

I feel very lucky to have known John.  I even call myself lucky to have
riden in and survived his scary truck (with a homemade "sunroof", fiberglass
hood and a scrap lumber flat bed).

He put a lot of work into these lands -- both as the exchequer and a member
of the populace -- and I will always remember and appreciate that.  I can't
think of a single soul who didn't love John and who he didn't love back.

For those of you who didn't get the opportunity to meet Dog, he was a very
special character.  With shaggy hair (like a bad Beatles haircut) and
cutoffs he was quite the refreshing image for an engineer at Va. Tech.  He
just sorta made this statement one day that he was going to go to
California.  Djinn was leaving to stay with her brother in San Francisco and
Dog said, "Well, she can't sit on that bus alone, now can she?  Somebody's
gotta go with her."  So he packed up a few bags and got on a bus with her
right before Christmas (or sometime around then).  That was I think the last
time I ever saw him.

We didn't stay in touch with Dog as much as I would have liked since he
moved to the West Coast.  And I'll regret that for a long time.  But I count
myself very lucky to be his friend.  And he knows that we love him and will
always miss him.

So I bid all of you to go out tonight and have a good time in some way or
another.  And if you see a goofey looking dude smiling (God, he NEVER
stopped smiling), think of John.

With fond memories I remain,

Baroness of Black Diamond

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