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Pennsic XXVII Squire Tourney

Poster: Logan & Arielle <sirlogan@mail.clt.bellsouth.net>

This is the updated announcement concerning the Squire's Tourney at
Pennsic.  Please note that there are some changes from the original
post.  Namely the time/date of the tourney and the entrance fee.  Again,
if you have any questions/comments please send them to me at:
sirlogan@bellsouth.net  and put SQUIRE as your subject header.  I hope
to see many of you there!!

Unto the Chivalry of the Known World, greetings from Duke Sir Logan
Ebonwoulfe, Kingdom of Atlantia.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the plans for what will be a
grandiose event to occur at Pennsic XXVII.  I am coordinating a
tournament to be called “The Known World Squires Championship Tourney”.
I invite all of you to enter up to two of your squires in this double
elimination tournament.  The purpose of this is to showcase our best
students, in martial competition, chivalry, and honor.  It is also my
desire to see some friendly rivalries develop between the future leaders
of the Known World.  As all of you are aware, we have created many
friendships, through combat, that have spanned across our kingdom's
boundaries.  I would like to see these existing, and future, bridges get

The date of the tourney will be Thursday the 13th,  at 10:00 am on the
main field.  The list will be open around 9:00 am.  There will also be a
flyer at troll available for you.
The tourney will be run in a standard “Atlantian Speed Tourney” format
until we reach the semi-finals.  The finals will be run as a best three
out of five elimination, all loses prior to the finals will be erased.
No weapons form may be repeated more than once in the finals.  Weapons
choice will be alternately determined by each competitor prior to the
bout.  A framed, hand painted, scroll will be presented to the winner of
the tourney, at their respective Kingdom's Court, at Pennsic.  The
scroll will have the signatures/marks of all the Knights/Masters
present.  It will be complete, with the exception of a blank shield (for
the winner's arms) and a blank belt tip (for their Knight's arms).   In
addition, there is a two dollar (US funds) entry fee for each squire.
These monies will go to reimburse the cost of the scroll.  Anything over
that amount will go to a fund (i.e. Kingdom, Barony, Pennsic E.M.T.,
Kingdom newsletter, charity, etc.) of the winners choice, donated in
his/her name.  I encourage you to make plans to witness this grand
I will be holding a meeting/party (bring yer mug!) at my camp (NE23 Clan
Ebonwoulfe) to field any questions and give our students an opportunity
to meet each other.  The date for the party…oops, meeting will be
Tuesday the 11th to start around 6:00 pm.

If you have any questions that you would like answers to now, please
feel free to e-mail me directly at: sirlogan@bellsouth.net  please put
SQUIRE as your subject header so that I may respond more quickly.  You
can also call me at (704) 399-1200.  For those of the Chivalry that are
not on these mailing lists, please forward this information to them.

Until next our paths may cross, may your aim be true, your cut deep, and
your life long.  I bid you the strength, courage and wisdom of the Wolf,
the most noble of beasts, as I remain in service,

Duke Sir Logan Ebonwoulfe

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