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Re: Statesville Demo

Poster: Megan Burnham <lmegan@bellsouth.net>

Alana MacKenzie wrote:
> Poster: Alana MacKenzie <lulumialu@yahoo.com>
> Hello Ladys and Lords..
> Just thought I'd drop a note of appreiation to Allison (who got
> knocked off the list, and can't get back on *chuckle*) for
> autocrating. She's great, she did a great job..I love you man! (but,
> your not getting my bud light) This was my first event working with
> SCA, and I'm absolutly in love. I actually felt so sad when I had to
> go home (but I ended up hanging out w/ Peter till 12 or so), I think
> I'm going to go in garb to school on Monday.
> Okay, Just a thought of mine..If a Lady gives two different males
> favors, is that a wanton thing to do? For some reason, I've been
> pondering that the last 15 mins. or so..
> Love in Peace,
> Alana
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My Lady, 

	Congratulations on a wonderful demo.  I only wish that Mundan 
nonsense hadn't prevented my from going.

	As to your pondering the handing out of multiple favors...might I 
suggest the following....there is also the "token" as in Token of 
Affection or Esstime (sp?)"  This is quite simply an "I like you a lot" 
or "I value you as a Friend" kinda thing.  Sort of like friendship 
bracelets.  My Lord wears my Favor--the embroidered thing that if he 
loses I get to beat him with his own stick for.  A couple of friends in 
my home barony, who also fight, wear my token--my colors woven into a 
band attached to a "D" ring so that it loops about their belt.  Just as a 
passing suggestion, however...if either gentleman has a lady, ask HER 
permission first...then offer a token to the gentleman...it's that 
courtesy thing...

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