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Memorial Day Weekend and Events

Poster: rhiannonofberra@mindspring.com

Grettings to all from Rhiannon of Berra:

This weekend was a fine weekend for an event, a little bit of rain on
Saturday, but the rest of the day proved to be quite nice.

i have a question that has been bothering me.  It's pretty insignificant in
the grand scheme of things, but it bothered me enough to make this post (I
rarely post).  

This is Memorial Day Weekend and I attended an event on a military post.

As they were setting up for court, inside a memorial (amphitheater) they
used duct tape to put up the court banner, it happened to be put right over
the plaque commemorating the memorial.  I'm sure this was an oversight, and
I'm probably being oversensitive (my father was a war vet); but it really
bothered me.  I thought it was EXTREMELY poor taste and not good judgment.
I understand trying to create medieval ambiance, etc., but I thought this
went a little too far.  I realize you can't accommodate everyone, but this
was a military base and I think we should at least accord respect for
monuments and such whether or not we believe in their purpose.

Is it normal for things like this to happen???

Please don't flame me, or whatever, I'm just asking a question about
something that REALLY bothered me.

Thank you for your time.

rhiannon of berra
veritable no body

Meddle not in the affairs with dragons for you are crunchy and taste good
with ketchup.

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