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Re: Memorial Day Weekend and Events

Poster: seareach@juno.com (Bonnie  a Hindle)

M'Lady Rhiannon of Berra wrote:

>This is Memorial Day Weekend and I attended an event on a military 
>As they were setting up for court, inside a memorial (amphitheater) 
>used duct tape to put up the court banner, it happened to be put right 
>the plaque commemorating the memorial.  I'm sure this was an 
>oversight, and
>I'm probably being oversensitive (my father was a war vet); but it 
>bothered me.  I thought it was EXTREMELY poor taste and not good 
>I understand trying to create medieval ambiance, etc., but I thought 
>went a little too far.  I realize you can't accommodate everyone, but 
>was a military base and I think we should at least accord respect for
>monuments and such whether or not we believe in their purpose.

	First let me say that I am sorry you or anyone else might have
been offended as to the placement of Her Majesties's Banner.   When
Aislyn and I were trying to find a place for it we wondered whether or
not we really should.  I was a USMC wife and understand the sacrifice
made by all the members of our armed forces and their families.  We
simply had no other place to place the banner.  I am sorry it offend you
it wasn't intentional nor meant to be disrespectful.

	Alesia Gillefalyn

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