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Re: Memorial Day Weekend and Events

Poster: Beiskaldi <Beiskaldi@aol.com>

  My lady, I have noticed this sort of thing happening numerous times, but
with a different slant--covering up of Christian decorations, especially in
church halls, so as not to offend pagans attending (regardless of the
christians, jewish, islam, etc).   Now before anyone gets their ire up, I am
not trying to start a huge religious debate or flame war, just pointing out an
observation (I really dont claim much in the way of religion at all, so not
speaking out of a defensive view).  Perhaps in this case it was merely a
matter of convenience, but not always so in other cases.

  I dont have any solutions (boy wouldnt I be rich if i had answers for all
these kinds of problems), but will choose to think that it may have been mere
oversight on the matter.  I know there were plenty of active & retired/former
military personnel there this weekend;  how do you feel about it?

Thyra (just meddling & putting in my tuppence)

>  Poster: rhiannonofberra@mindspring.com
>  Grettings to all from Rhiannon of Berra:
>  This weekend was a fine weekend for an event, a little bit of rain on
>  Saturday, but the rest of the day proved to be quite nice.
>  i have a question that has been bothering me.  It's pretty insignificant in
>  the grand scheme of things, but it bothered me enough to make this post (I
>  rarely post).  
>  This is Memorial Day Weekend and I attended an event on a military post.
>  As they were setting up for court, inside a memorial (amphitheater) they
>  used duct tape to put up the court banner, it happened to be put right over
>  the plaque commemorating the memorial.  I'm sure this was an oversight, and
>  I'm probably being oversensitive (my father was a war vet); but it really
>  bothered me.  I thought it was EXTREMELY poor taste and not good judgment.
>  I understand trying to create medieval ambiance, etc., but I thought this
>  went a little too far.  I realize you can't accommodate everyone, but this
>  was a military base and I think we should at least accord respect for
>  monuments and such whether or not we believe in their purpose.
>  Is it normal for things like this to happen???
>  Please don't flame me, or whatever, I'm just asking a question about
>  something that REALLY bothered me.
>  Thank you for your time.
>  rhiannon of berra
>  veritable no body
>  Meddle not in the affairs with dragons for you are crunchy and taste good
>  with ketchup.
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