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RE: Mem. Day

Poster: "Robert Dawson,PA-C" <dawsonr@mounet.com>

Greetings All,

I have to agree that hanging a banner over a memorial plaque to fallen
veterans on Memorial Day is at best in poor taste.  As a veteran it would
have bugged me only as long it took to volunteer to the autocrat to move the
banner for him/her and explain (politely) why.  I can't imagine it would
have been a major issue--after all if we didn't have a thing about honoring
tradition and the past we wouldn't be scadian.

But this isn't just a 'me too!' post.  Rhiannon's post brought to mind some
events in the past where the hall was thoughtlessly arranged with a
potential for more than just bruised feelings.  I've attended several events
where access to fire exits/alarms/extinguishers have been blocked by tables,
coat racks, merchant displays, etc..  When setting up for an event all of us
should be willing to pitch in and help the autocrat 'see the forest for the
trees' and keep in mind access to important mundanities like fire exits and
handicapped access.


Kenna McKenna

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