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Re: Memorial Day

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> >This is an interesting point, and I respect it, but I tend to look at it
> >from a slightly different point of view.  I mean no disrespect to such
> >structures or the honoured dead, etc., or the people who created and/or
> >use/own such places.  It's just that when we rent a site, that's what we
> >rent- a site.
> Just an FYI: the site was provided to us by Uncle Sam free of charge, I
> assume with the understanding that we would use the area...not take it
> over (read meaning: disrespect the honored dead) covering up someone
> else's dream so that we might live ours.
> Colin Gordon (former military)

Hmmm.  I wasn't thinking of it as 'covering up someone else's dream',
but as differentiating between the event and the modern honour and
respect shown to the dead.  To 'take it over' would to my way of
thinking mean in some way changing it.  Covering over a monument
temporarily on the other hand, would in my view be the way to
differentiate between our event and any time we may wish to take
personally to observe the monument and pay our respects.  Certainly I
would mean no disrespect to the honoured dead who have ultimately made
it possible for us to have such a site, and enjoy the freedoms we do. 
That would be dishonourable.  Also, I don't see such things as 'someone
else's dream'.  That would imply that I feel no connection to those who
have fought and died for this country, and that I do not respect their
memory.  That would be an incorrect implication.  It's just that I feel
proper time should be given to pay one's respects as one sees fit, and
doing so within the SCA context doesn't seem quite right to me.  At such
sites I do so before and after the event itself.

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