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Troublesome happening

Poster: Nancy Davis <nancyad@mindspring.com>

Good Gentles,

At Emerald Joust on Saturday, I had the various lost and found items from
Cossacks, Mongols and Huns, Ymir, and Boat Wars spread out on the ground in
or near the A&S tent. Several things were reclaimed. Unfortunately, one of
the items claimed belongs to Master Valdemar. On Sunday, he inquired about
his lovely custom-made dagger with sheath. It had been with the other
things when they were unpacked on Saturday but it was not there when we
packed up. Had we known it was Valdemar's, it would never have been put
with the other items. 

If anyone has knowledge of this dagger please contact me privately. We will
accept its return with no questions asked.

And as for the rest of the lost and found, I'd like to return a heater
shield (a small fox? badge on the back), two cloaks, miscellaneous mugs, a
purple candle, salt and pepper shakers, Tupperware box, ........ If you
lost things at these events, please, PLEASE, contact me privately so you
may get them back (out of my house :-) Eventually we will auction them to
the benefit of Windmasters' Hill.

In service,

Nancy A. Davis

Lady Ysolt la Bretonne
Royal Bard, Atlantia
A&S Champion, Windmasters' Hill
MoAS, Buckston-on-Eno
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