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Re: Memorial Day Weekend and Events



<< Has anyone ever thought about building a collapsible banner stand?  Since
most SCA banners tend to have a sleeve at the top with a dowel/string hanger
 arrangement, I'm thinking of something basically like a pole (tall enough
 to hold the banner up beside/behind the throne) with a base to hold it
 fairly steady and a hook at the top on which to hang the banner.  I'm not
 a woodworker, so maybe someone else would have some better ideas about
 construction.  I am not envisioning anything terribly elaborate, just
 something that could be easily packed up with the thrones and banners, but
 would serve the purpose. >>

Or how about even somebody up there (you know, a real live person) simply to
hold the banner during Court?  Of course, they'd be using a pole to actually
hold the banner and then he or she would hold the pole (the pole would be long
enough to prop on the ground to steady it).  I think it would be quite period
to have a royal standard-bearer....... and after all, there's usually quite a
retinue up there anyway, so I don't really see a problem with adding one more.
<g>  Besides, it could be quite a lovely bit of  theater to have the standard-
bearer preceding Their Majesties into Court.

Margaret Cameron
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