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Re: Memorial Day

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

I responded privately, but as a Pagan I would like to say for the record
that I would never cover another religion's symbols for that reason. 
One of the major reasons I became Pagan was the tolerance for others I
found in that particular worldview.  If I cover the symbols of others,
it is with respect, not out of fear of offending those who are not of
that religion.  Heck, I would as soon say folks couldn't wear crosses to
events or some equally nitwitted sort of thing.  One of the things I
have always enjoyed in the Society is the tolerance we have of each

>  Thank you for your perspective on this--opens up some thoughts and
> perspectives that I hadnt considered.  Let me expound on my original post a
> bit:  I was keeping in mind a specific event where I was assistant to the
> autocrat, who was pagan.  We had rented a church hall, which had numerous
> banners hanging up around the hall.  The autocrat told me specifically that we
> had to cover the banners that had christian symbols on them so as not to
> offend the pagans that were in attendance.  Now, I have not known any
> christians who have been offended by various other religions' symbols such as
> hammers, pentacles, etc., so this was rather an alien notion to me at the time
> and still is, tied into the personal belief that if the symbols were
> offensive, then the hall should be also (of course that is merely my logic at
> work).  Something else I did not originally mention is that the other banners
> which were found "acceptable" were not covered, nor were any other similar
> decorations on the walls.
>   I can honestly say that my experience of such intolerance, shown by this
> person at this and other times, within the society has been very limited,
> which is one of the main things that drew me to the sca in the first place!
> In service,
> Thyra
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