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Re: Help (fwd)

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Her Highness wrote:
> Lord Corun:
> I believe the author of the books you refer to which retell the Mabinogi
> is Evangeline Walton, and they are indeed a good read.  (Although not
> quite so good if you are trying to get a real flavor for the language
> and patterns of the Welsh language as reading an exact translation of
> the Mabinogi which is also available).  If anyone is feeling really
> brave, I even have a couple of the Mabinogi in Middle Welsh.  By the
> way, all my Welsh & Celtic professors told me that the correct version
> of the tales is called Mabinogi not Mabinogion.  Don't flame me...I'm
> just repeating what the scholars in that field that I have known say.

Your Highness,

Thank you for the memory jog. As I mentioned in a related note it's been
mumblemumble years since I've read them, and they say that when you get to
my age the memory is the second thing to go. I forget what the first is.

The Middle Welsh sounds very interesting. Would there be a pronunciation
guide with it? 

> Wales Forever! (And in service to Atlantia)
> Luned

I've heard that the correct pronunciation is Lin-ed as opposed to Loon-ed.
And would the accent be on the second syllable, making it LinEd? Just
curious and always interested in linguistics. Someone once told me that
you prefer the short vowel rather than the long, and I do prefer to say
someone's name the way they prefer.

In service,

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