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Re: Help with author and titles

Poster: einar@cvn.net (einar)

At 07:16 AM 5/27/98 -0400, Corun MacAnndra wrote:
>Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>
>> I would suggest Bulfinch's Mythology. I think the old workhorse
>> has something on Gaelic legends, and it certainly does on
>> Welsh-my first introduction to the Mabinogion comes from it.
>Why not just read the Mabinogion. There are any number of editions out
>there. I recall a series of modern adaptations to those stories and I
>just can't recall the author. She wrote four books; The Island of the
>Mighty, Rhiannon, Annwn, and I forget the fourth (or maybe there were
>only three, it's been so long ago since I read them). They were pretty
>good reads as I recall. These were taken right out of the Mabinogion
>and relate the stories of Mananan mac Llyr, Rhiannon, Annwn, Prydari 
>and the other various god figures of Wales/Ireland. You should be able
>to find them in a well stocked library.
>In service,

Evangeline Walton wrote those.  They are very hard to find, and have been
out of print for years.  I have all of them, and I only let people read
them while they are sitting right in front of me, as they will be next to
impossible to replace.  When I bought them 10 years ago, the original cover
price was $1.50, but they were in the rare section, and they all cost me a
minimum of $7.00 each.  I hate to think what I would pay to replace them
now!  There are four in the series:  _Prince of Annwn_, _The Children of
Llyr_, _The Song of Rhiannon_, and  _The Island of the Mighty_.  That's the
order in which you want to read them.  A good library should be able to get
them for you on interlibrary loan.

Elen Prydydd

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