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Re: words & more words

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Michael ecclecticly wrote:
>I play with computers for a living, and once answered a question from
>a co-worker with, "It's a CPL in CMDNC0." Which, while only marginally
>English, was a concise, complete answer to his question and

Scary, isn't it. Not only do I work with computers, I used to do it in a
military installation. Talk about a surplus of acronyms. ;-)

"The CO's PC is fubar and he wants it back up asap."

>This last point is important. Many of us who are forced to fold,
>spindle and mutilate ordinary English in our day to day lives become
>even more protective of correct usage and clearer communication when
>the opportunity arises.

We who also work with those who only use computers also have to be very
precise about the kinds of questions we ask in order to get the correct
information. Typically in such an environment the problem is attributed to
a short circuit between the seat and the keyboard. Especially when the DFU
has an ID10T error and can't get their cup holder working. ;-)

In (customer) service,

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