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Re: Period Ornamentation for Pets

Poster: Megan Burnham <lmegan@bellsouth.net>

Suzanne Metzler wrote:
> Poster: Suzanne Metzler <SMETZLER/0002152178@MCIMAIL.COM>
> I was looking for some docus ;^) er...documentation for period ornamentation
> for pets, particularly dogs (and not horses-even when the dogs are
> as big as small horses ;^)).
> Awhile back there was some discussion on this list
> that:  (i) dogs did not wear barding in period, and (ii) that they did wear fancy
> collars of luxurious materials, and (iii) that spiked mastiff collars were only used
> for dogs used for bear baiting.  However, there were no sources listed
> for any of these comments.  Does anyone have some specific sources I could look
> through so that I could recreate one/some of these fabulous collars (but
> not in real jewels of course).
> Secondly, does anyone know a source of already made cool period collars
> and such for dogs?
> We have a mastiff that we sometimes take to events and since she is
> of a period breed we would like to have her in her "garb" too.
> I'd appreciate any help I could get.
> Tehair

Hi Tehair...

the best source I can think of is the American Kennel Club's Dog Museum. 
 I don't know they've scanned anything to the net, but start with 
Http://www.akc.com (or it might be org...I can't remember...).   While 
you're there, check to see if the Mastiff Club of America has a contact 
name/e-mail/website..they might be able to help you. 

The V & A also has some collars as well.

Good luck!


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