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Re: Period Ornamentation for Pets

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Tehair wrote:
>I was looking for some docus ;^) er...documentation for period ornamentation
>for pets, particularly dogs (and not horses-even when the dogs are
>as big as small horses ;^)).  

I'd say a Mongolian pony saddle would be just about the right size on
Havoc. ;-)

>Awhile back there was some discussion on this list
>that:  (i) dogs did not wear barding in period, and (ii) that they did
wear fancy
>collars of luxurious materials, and (iii) that spiked mastiff collars were
only used
>for dogs used for bear baiting.  However, there were no sources listed
>for any of these comments.  Does anyone have some specific sources I could
>through so that I could recreate one/some of these fabulous collars (but
>not in real jewels of course).
>Secondly, does anyone know a source of already made cool period collars
>and such for dogs?
>We have a mastiff that we sometimes take to events and since she is
>of a period breed we would like to have her in her "garb" too.
>I'd appreciate any help I could get.

Alianora will most likely read this tomorrow (owing to the five hour time
difference between here and Scotland) and answer. She wrote an article for
Tournaments Illuminated a few years ago on just this subject, and made a
lovely collar for a dog she once owned.

She is a veritible storehouse of knowledge regarding the barding of dogs
(no Efen, we're not talking about filk songs about dogs or dogs competing
in bardic competitions, though I suspect they do that in the Empire of

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