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Re: Definitions, please

Poster: achbar@bellsouth.net (James Morrow)

>> >- baron / ess, court
>> Landless white trash. :-)
>Um, I do believe His Excellency Baron Achbar would not fall into this
>category.......but I leave it to him to respond to this ...  ;)


Thank You Baroness Miri,
   There used to be Landless White Trash Parties at Pennsic.  They
quit holding them when I started coming to to them.  There  was a
certain and well respected Household in the East Kingdom sponsoring
this party.  When I walked  into the Party there was a DEAD
Silence...people stopped ans stared at this Black man in white Tunic
and white baggy trouser with a little Coronet made of horn.  In the
shade of night that coronet looked like Ivory.  This scene looked like
a Medieval version of an EF Hutton Commercial.  I introduced myself as
Baron Achbar ibn Ali from the Kingfom of Atlantia and there was a sigh
or relief.   Imagine that...I brought an entire Pavillion to silence
and didn't have to make Pun number 1!

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