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Re: Question of Propriety

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> I have a question that I am curious as to the answer....
> How exactly does one join a household... is there some type of formal
> ceremony?  Are people usually asked or invited to join, or is the
> impetus upon the folks interested in joining to talk to the folks they
> want to join?
> I'm curious as to what the "norm" is for stuff like this. :)
> Thanks!
> always asking questions,
> Rhiannon of berra

Gracious Lady,

Such a thing varies from House to House.  Some Households wait for you
to ask.  Others do not want you to ask.  I would suggest that if you
wish to join a Household, you acquaint yourself with the members of said
House, become friendly with them, in, of course, an innocent manner,
and, when it seems appropriate, inquire as to how so-and-so became a
member of said House.  This may lead to a discussion of how such a thing
is accomplished in said House, and thus lead to an answer to your
question.  There is, as I understand it, no 'norm', but rather a myriad
of methods.  I speak from my own experience of having been a member of a
Household.  One may become a member as the spouse or significant other
of a member, one may become a squire/protege/apprentice/loyal follower
of one of the Household heads, one may simply find that, spending most
of one's free time with said House, you are asked to join.

Best of luck in your pursuits!

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