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Re: Of Kings and Queens response

Poster: stephancm@juno.com (Peter H. Clarke)

Let's see if I can place a posting on the list and not get thrashed to
little bitty pieces  ;>)

On Wed, 17 Jun 1998 14:52:31 -0400 Bob Minowicz
<minowicz@nc.na.auspex.com> writes:


>Here are some example event ideas that could work with the system:
>Event X has 600 possible war points.  The theme of the event is a port
>of trade under siege by vikings.  The event will consist of 2 mixed
>combat scenarios (simulating the siege of the city), one grand melee
>(after the walls are breached), and an A&S competition with 3 
>categories (representing the trade and commerce of the city).  It is
>determined "before the war season starts" that:

I find the idea interesting but I would have concerns that the whole
process is to complicated, compounded by the fact the A&S competitions
are judged by people.  Where would you find neutral judges that were
expert  enough to truly judge the "worth" of the piece.
>The mixed combat scenarios will require factions to form 2 teams.  The
>teams can be composed however they wish, but members of a given 
>faction must all be on the same team. For each scenario the winning team
>split 100 points evenly among the factions represented in the team.
>For the grand melee, the factions break up, all fighting each other. 
>(It seems our vikings are fighting over the spoils of war, when they 
>are pounced on by a reserve force of the port's guard.)  For the last
>faction to have members standing 100 points.

I like the idea of having groups of people put a representative on the
throne.  The representative would probably be the leader of the "army"
and therefore must be a good leader/tactician and a good fighter.


>At another event, the theme is spies, assassins and intrigue.  In this
>event there are only 300 points to win.  Each faction that shows up 
>can win a even share of the points if they can manage to assassinate the
>'leader' of a faction during the course of the days other events 
>(which might include a feast, some period games, and some things
>around the theme, or whatever.)
>These are just examples.  There are many ways to do it.  And I think
>each event should be different and should get different amounts of
>points to split up depending on the types of things at the event.
>Also, not every event would have to be a part of the war, and just
>because someone wins something and gets 'war points' does not mean 
>they have to be a part of a faction, or that they must use the points at
>all.  They can in effect, take those points out of play.

I think we should also apply this idea to the kingdom as it is now.

I fear that this method would split the kingdom into factions that
wouldn't change very much from selection to selection.  I bet that the
factions would be household based, or group based i.e. the Moose Lodge or
the Oldcastles.  Would there be a limit on the number of people you could
recruit into a group?  If not, you could end up with 1 group with many,
many people  and 1 with very few.  As in real wars, the group with the
greatest number of members would stand a much better chance of winning
the contest.

I think a system that doesn't use a personal judgment (A&S competition)
would be easier to determine the winner and less likely to incur
challenges to the process.  But this eliminates the very people you are
trying to include in the selection, artists.  

Any hoo, that's my $0.02 worth.

Stephan of Caer Mear,
the very humbled.

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