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Re: method for Royalty Selection

Poster: Beiskaldi@aol.com

In a message dated 98-06-17 18:22:10 EDT, einar@cvn.net writes:

>  If the current system has problems, and I think it does, then lobbying the
>  BoD to change corpora on this matter is not necessarily a bad thing.
>  Whether or not it would be a wasted effort is, to me, moot.  If you don't
>  try, you'll never know what you could have accomplished.  :-)  Perhaps
>  lobbying the BoD to make a principality a test case would be useful in
>  determining the feasibility of such a change.

Some reason I feel the need to put in my tuppence here--please keep in mind I
do not fight heavy, have no intention to (I bruise badly if a sword is
jokingly thrust in my direction) and will likely become royalty about the same
time as pigs fly and Master James decides to go straight  ;-)

I have to agree with Elen on the mere fact that the BoD is made up of Scadians
also, at least AFAIK it is.  At this point I dare suggest that few if any of
us here really know what the opinion is of any member, and by sheer definition
of a board of directors in the usual sense, it is put in place to ensure the
smooth operation of its company (and we are incorporated), ie how it is run
and managed; ergo, they have the ability to make changes to corpora and are
there in part to make such changes as the one suggested if needed/warranted.
After all, isnt this why we nominate gentles to the board in the first place?

In Service, Thyra
(gee I feel like an accountant/business type all of a sudden....)
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