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Re: method for Royalty Selection

Poster: einar@cvn.net (einar)

Elen Prydydd writes:

At 05:48 PM 6/17/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>
>Succession by heavy combat* is, if I'm not mistaken, codified in
>Corpora first and foremost, and thus in order to change it it would
>have to be changed by the BoD as opposed to the individual Kingdoms.
>  It
>was suggested, however, that it might be a worthy thing to try and
>change the mind of the BoD on, daunting oif a task though that may be.

If the current system has problems, and I think it does, then lobbying the
BoD to change corpora on this matter is not necessarily a bad thing.
Whether or not it would be a wasted effort is, to me, moot.  If you don't
try, you'll never know what you could have accomplished.  :-)  Perhaps
lobbying the BoD to make a principality a test case would be useful in
determining the feasibility of such a change.

>speaking from memory but pretty sure he's close
>*actually, i believe the term used in Corpora is 'tournament combat',
>but it appears that the wording and the last three decades of the SCA
>have lent credence to the terminology being equal -- this certainly
>isn't the first time somebody has thought of changing the means of
>succession, and if it was easy to change, I'm sure it would have been
>so by now. ;-D

Ah, but Julien, if it weren't challenging, then where would be the fun of
risking the dragon's lair??  ;->  Just because it's usual and customary, a
"peculiar institution," doesn't mean it shouldn't be changed if something
more equitable for *all* interested parties can be designed.

I could go on, but a thunderstorm is coming my way, and it's time to turn
the computer off before the lightning gets closer.

Elen Prydydd

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