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Re: method for Royalty Selection

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> Before proceeding too far along the "We should change this" road,
> it not be a bad idea to see if such a system of interlocking
> tournaments, A&S events, and etc is feasible?

Actually, just to leap in here before this gets too far, whether or not
the different ideas and solutions presented here is feasible or not is,
more than likely, a moot issue.

Succession by heavy combat* is, if I'm not mistaken, codified in
Corpora first and foremost, and thus in order to change it it would
have to be changed by the BoD as opposed to the individual Kingdoms.
This topic came up especially in recent discussion on the Principality
discussion list, and while I don't have those postings handy, I think
the discussion of alternate forms was dropped simply because it was not
something we as a Principality (or as a Kingdom) have control over.  It
was suggested, however, that it might be a worthy thing to try and
change the mind of the BoD on, daunting oif a task though that may be.

speaking from memory but pretty sure he's close

*actually, i believe the term used in Corpora is 'tournament combat',
but it appears that the wording and the last three decades of the SCA
have lent credence to the terminology being equal -- this certainly
isn't the first time somebody has thought of changing the means of
succession, and if it was easy to change, I'm sure it would have been
so by now. ;-D

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