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Re: method for Royalty Selection

Poster: Gorm of Berra <gormofberra@mindspring.com>

A thought...

Before proceeding too far along the "We should change this" road, might
it not be a bad idea to see if such a system of interlocking
tournaments, A&S events, and etc is feasible?

I would propose that someone who was *really* in favor of this, and
really dedicated to seeing it through, attempt to do something similar,
not for the throne (which would require changing not just Kingdom Law,
but Corpora) but for some other prize.  MEre bragging rights may be

Arrange some set of events, say 12 (an arbitrarily chosen number). 
Scattered around the Kingdom (shoot for 4 in each of the Northern,
Central, and Southern Regions I guess), and scattered between heavy
combat, rapier combat, A&S (and probably scattered between the copious
quantities of A&S), Cambok (just kidding...I think), and other aspects
of SCA life.  Devise a point system, go through the events and see if
the system really works.

If it does, then maybe it would be functional as a method for choosing
the Royalty, although maybe not.  

I personally think the potential for bad blood between households,
Baronies, and just plain people might make this a less atttractive
proposal, although I do applaud the efforts to make the Kingship more
"in line" with Historical reality and to involve a greater spectrum of

As with many things, this has good and bad points, not a bad topic to
bring up at all.

Gorm of Berra
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