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Re: Of Kings and Queens [Problem definition and fairness response]

Poster: Bob Minowicz <minowicz@nc.na.auspex.com>

In this letter, I'll attempt to address the issues of fairness that have
come up in the replies I have seen, both public and private.

I thought I was being clear in my original post about what I perceived
as the problem.  But there have been a few 'lets define the problem
before we start planning solutions' types of responses.  Just to make it
as clearly stated as I possibly can:

The current method of Crown selection limits possible candidates to the
population subsection known as 'heavy fighters.'  It further limits
candidates with a reasonable chance of winning crown to heavy fighters
of great skill, prowess, physical endurance, physical might, martial

Certainly those that have won Crown in the past are excellent fighters. 
They were and are the best heavy fighters in the Kingdom of Atlantia and
perhaps the Knowne World.  They have all served as Sovereign selflessly.

However, it would be very hard indeed for you to name one other post in
all the SCA that excludes any portion of the populace from a reasonable
chance at attaining said post.  Crown not only limits the portion with a
chance a little, but cuts large swaths through the populace marking them
as ineligible.

It has been suggested that I am picking on the Crown in some way.  That
I am suggesting we make it easier to become King or Queen of Atlantia. 
I am suggesting no such thing.  If anything I am suggesting that it be
much more difficult.  Raising an army of fighters and A&S folks and
leading them to victory over the course of months is probably a lot
harder than fighting in a tournament.

It has further been suggested, perhaps mockingly, that in doing this we
would in fairness have to make it 'easier' for a fighter to become
Golden Dolphin, or some other such office.  Or that fighter's have to
have something to strive for, how can I propose to take that away from

Firstly, I am not asking to make it easier, and any fighter can gain the
skill and recognition required to get any other office.  The reverse is
not true of say, any herald, chirurgeon, marshal, chronicler etc.
wishing to be sovereign.  Although some can fight, not everyone can.

Secondly, I am not saying we should stop fighters from being sovereign. 
If anything, I expect at first that they will continue to be the
majority of winners of the Crown.  After all, most fighters have other
friends that are fighters.  Armies are easy for them to raise.  Many are
already used to fighting together.  All I'm saying is it would be nice
if others had a reasonable chance.  There are some fabulous kings and
queens that-will-never-be out there.  That is unless we make it

The tourney we have now is infinitely fair... to heavy fighters and
their consorts.  Are there people who's needs aren't being met by the
system?  Sure.  Those that wish to be Crown but won't get a chance. 
Those that don't want to be Crown, but want to know that they'd have the
chance if they really wanted it.

Stanislaw Mynyowycz
Canton of Elvegast, Barony of Windmaster's Hill, Kingdom of Atlantia
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