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This Ruling Affected...

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>


This Ruling by the BoD set a bad precedent in that it made autocrats
and minor officers subject to sanctions for the actions of Kingdom
officers that they could not prevent or control. Take a good look at
your BoD in action folks. So far we have only been able to determine
that the laws cited in this blanket ruling applied to Royal and Kingdom
officers and not to the individual who was punished whose decision is
that which you will see. In large part the accused were not allowed 
to see the evidence against them. What they did see was what other
folks had the courtesy to copy them. 

There was also no full disclosure, without which you can't appeal.

The upshot of this is that most probably the Royals indicted have 
quit the Society. Also Mark and Cindy Kiel, his wife, have quit the
Society. The individual concerned in the papers has not quit, but is
not acting in the movement to correct this. However, a number of
other good folks are. The innocent should never go undefended.

This is how the SCA lost some of its more useful members of service
and how it could stand to lose more in the future because of this
ruling. It could very well be you. Seneschales, Exchequers and 
Autocrats please take special note.

Joeseph Behancourt is one of the oldest and best known SCA members
and helped found the Kingdom of Atenveldt. He is better known as
Master Ioseph of Locksley. His writings and songs are prolific and
extend throughout the Society. His contributions have been generous.
Now he stands for us all when he acts to correct this situation.

Please act to correct this situation, or to change the entities that
have caused it. Read the webpages at the bottom of this notice and 
form your own opinions.


  M. Magnus Malleus, Elvegast, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia

   Date:  Fri, 19 Jun 1998 15:09:46 -0400
   From:  "J. Bethancourt" <joeb@locksley.com>
Feel free to re-post and forward......


In protest of what in my opinion was heartless injustice perpetrated at
the April 18, 1998 Official Meeting of the Board of Directors of the
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., also known as the SCA, Inc.,
and/or the SCA (hereinafter "the Board"), I, Wiltz Joseph Bethancourt,
III, also known as W.J. Bethancourt, III, also known as Joe Bethancourt;
and/or White Tree Productions (collectively hereinafter "Bethancourt")
this date withdraws and revokes any and all permission or authority of
any kind whatsoever, from the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.,
(also known as the SCA, Inc., and/or the SCA, and hereinafter "the
SCA"), as follows:

A.  Of or for the use of any materials authored, created or copyrighted
    by, or held, under the names, entities or identities of Bethancourt
    as set forth above.  This revocation specifically includes and is
    not limited to: any songs, tapes, records, compact discs, musical
    scores, transcripts, poetry, lyrics, satires, political commentary,
    or other proprietary or creative intellectual property generated by
    or on behalf of Bethancourt.

B.  This withdrawal and revocation extends to use by or for the SCA, in
    any official record, document, magazine, newsletter, chronicle, or
    other publication of, by or for the SCA.

C.  This withdrawal and revocation extends for a period coequal with the
    Board maintaining and not rescinding any sanctions, penalties or
    punishments imposed by the Board or the SCA on Patrick Cuccurello,
    Mark Kiel, Donald Perine and Nichelle Vargo.


W.J. Bethancourt III

(for more details, see http://members.tripod.com/~whitebard/reward.htm)

J. Bethancourt                                 White Tree Productions
joeb@locksley.com                      http://www.locksley.com/
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