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Zinc dust?

Poster: Betty & David Eyer <Betty_and_David@compuserve.com>

I am looking for the ingredients to do a Japanese "Zinc" Indigo Vat.  This
requires about 4 OZ of zinc dust.  I have called several chemical suppliers
and art supply stores and got a very cold shoulder before I even told them
what I wanted.  Zinc takes some carefull handling, but it is no worse than
lots of things that you can buy in the hardware store (sevin dust springs
to mind), so I don't think you need to alert the EPA to my project.  Seems
to me that you could buy zinc lozenges for a sore throat a few years back
and they put zinc oxide on for sunburn, so how bad can it be?  However,
most chemical companies only sell to businesses with a license to store
chemicals or to school labs now days, probably for fear of law suits over
bombs and the like.  The art supplies had no idea what I was talking about
and were very concerned I was going to kill dolphins with my craft project.

If anyone has any clues about how I can find this stuff without going to
jail or killing all the local wildlife, please let me know, since I am
really interested in doing this kind of indigo vat.  This would allow me to
try some Japanese style tie dye and is very good for batik.  

A frustrated and politically incorrect Magdalena begs your patience in
hearing her request.

Magdalena de Hazebrouck
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