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Academy of the Rapier

Poster: lordkheldar@pop.mindspring.com

Unto My good Friends and Brethren (and Sistern!) Does Lord Kheldar the
Fleet send hearty Greetings! 

My Friends,

	I am here to solicit (and outright beg, if need be) teachers for classes
on the fine Art of Rapier for the next Academy of the Rapier, to be held at
Camp Kannata in Elvegast, Windmasters' Hill, on October 23-25th. There are
15 one-hour class slots to fill. They will begin at 9am, and end up around
3pm, depending on SCA time. The (unofficial) theme for these classes will
be "Provosts' Day Off!", to give the White Scarves of Atlantia a chance to
kick back and relax for the day. Therefore, I am seeking teachers from
Atlantia's esteemed community of Scholars and Free Scholars, whom are
extremely knowledgeable about our Art. Any and all classes are welcome,
pertaining to the Art of Rapier. Those who wish to teach a class in the
Arts and Sciences should contact Lady Branwen Wallace, Scholar, at
<rissaroo@mindspring.com>. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to
teach a class, roundtable discussion, or any other class activity. If you
wish to teach, but aren't sure what, contact me! I have plenty of ideas who
need teachers. Please please volunteer! 
	As I always, I stand ready to aid Atlantia or any of Her subjects, if need

Yours in Service, 

Lord Kheldar the Fleet, Free Scholar
Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Kingdom of Atlantia
Minister of the Lists, Canton of Elvegast
Journeyman Chiurgeon-at-Large
Cornet Herald-at-Large

mka Rev. William L. Ham III
2713 Broadwell Dr.
Raleigh, NC, 27606

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