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Re: Pennsic Panic - the Game

Poster: Denise McMahon <baroness@stierbach.org>

First I go to Land Grab with the usual crew who has done this 12
times and the new folks who have never been.

Then I come home and finish last minute items for the WorldCon being held in
Baltimore- at which I am a tech director.

Then we move into our hotel on Monday night.
Unpacking of the trucks and distribution of inventory,
setting up the rigging, trusses, lights and sound equipment
finding the scissor lifts, getting comfortable with talking on a 
radio again, holding staff meetings, taking care of last minute
equipment glitches, getting all the power hookups done, keeping
a double armful of hardworking volunteers happy.

Then the convention opens on Wednesday.
Ensuing madness begins as 6000+ science fiction fans descend
and "convene" for 5 days. Get through 1 or 2 MAJOR events a day
like The Hugoes (kind of like the Academy Awards for SF), The
Masquerade (a costuming competition) and a special presentation
by the creator of Babylon 5, fondly referred to as JMS. Oh yeah,
plus a zillion other smaller events. That's full tech shows, 
professional level lights, sound and video.

The convention closes on Sunday, August 9th with Closing Ceremonies 
at 3pm- which is when me and the household get in Landshark and go to

Did I mention that we would be packed ahead of time? Well, it's 
on the schedule! :)

I am so looking forward to Battlefield Bakeries turnovers, watching the
melees on the field, the italian ices for getting through those, um
*warmer* hours of the day and of course, shopping!


-Rowan Berran
Baroness of Stierbach


Dounoc'h eo kaloun ar merc'hed 'vit ar mor douna euz ar bed
(The heart of woman is deeper than the deepest sea in the world)
                                   Breton proverb from the Ile de Batz
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