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(no subject)

Poster: nix@iolinc.net (Malone, N.)

re: Looking for information

> >Am i the only one who is wondering exactly *why* Duke Logan is
>asking about
> >organ transplants and what he is going to do with the information?
>I guess
> >maybe it is his squires who should be worrying the most...
> More to the point -- how and why Duke Logan's message arrived now
>when it
> was DATED August 15, 1998??
> So what WILL be happening at Pennsic?

I think Duke Logan has had an attack of conscience and wants to
transplant his arm on me so that Atlantia can finnaly be conquered by
the Mongol empire, and we will have Masters of Arms, and Female Knights
and all Europeans will be enslaved so politics will no longer be
involved in the operation of the Kingdom, or maybe the Startrek thing
about time travel is a little more realistic? Hmmmm...
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