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Re: Pennsic Panic - the Game (Nubile daughters at Pennsic

Poster: Bonne <oftraquair@hotmail.com>

> "7) find eunuch body gards for said lovely daughter"
> "11)chastity belt fitting...(see number 7)"
> This is a second generation Society Wench?  Your worry should not be
> fending off the unwanted--she can probably defend herself.  Your worry
> should be (as my fourteen-year old reminds me) what to do when she
> decides to STOP defending herself!

It is well to get the  wench accustomed to her guards and chastity belt in
advance of the need.

A religous group that came from Moravia to NC in the early Colonial period had
a tradition of girls lacing their bodice with one color ribbon, wearing
another color when they reached marriagable age, married women wore another
color.  I do not recall if widows continued wearing the same color as married
women, or wore another color or wore the same as unmarried women.  Wouldn't it
be handy if we could document THIS back to the old country and our period! 
(and make it SCA tradition)  *Sigh* of course, then girls of that deceptive
age would never wear garb requiring laces!  

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